Psychological Causes of Hair Loss

To all those of you that have issues with hair loss. the dominant vibration that is causing the hair loss in you and in this group in general is basically what we call failure stress so it’s not a joke when people say oh my gosh I’m so stressed out and I’m pulling my hair out or I’m so stressed and I’m starting to lose my hair.

there is a direct correlation between stress and how that vibration of stress feeds into the body it will basically feed into the scalp but the particular stress that is causing the most dysfunction in this group is the fear of failure failure stress now the dominant similarity which people have in this group is that there’s very little room in your life to make a mistake I won’t either just like let this and then you can guarantee if you are having a hair loss issue.

and you were in this group there is very little room for you to make a mistake in your life you’re very hard on yourself essentially and that basic hardness on yourself is depleting your hormone levels now if you went to a doctor and that doctor looked for a physical cause for your particular hair loss they would probably target the hormones they probably mentioned the stress but they target the hormones but all that is hormones is a symptom of how hard you harm yourself the reason that you’re so hard on yourself and the reason that there’s very little room to make a mistake in a sense is because you’ve got what we call rejection trauma .

Rejection Trauma :

rejection trauma for most of you related to your mother’s and so basically because of this rejection trauma that you experienced you did not feel important to that particular person in your life. and that has created a trend shall I say, so if you look back through the totality of your relationships there is a trend of you not feeling important to someone, not feeling important to somebody. so it’s almost like you’re walking on eggshells trying to make sure that you don’t make a mistake because you don’t want to lose any more value than you’ve already lost. you don’t want to be rejected any more than you already have been.

so the question that I want you to ask yourselves, why am i so hard on myself ? just sit with that question I want you to explore your patterns of self punishment as well because we all have different ways that we’re punishing ourselves so how do I punish myself especially relative to making sure I never make a mistake okay. so then some other little things that’s the emotional mental. so then if we tie in the physical aspect I have some suggestions that I like the most this is just my means some people could disagree with me so don’t be surprised if you run into somebody but I’m talking to you from a medical intuitive perspective.

Hair Care

a medical intuitive what I’m gonna tell you is that my bit of my two very favorite things to do for hair loss is number one vitamin C and number two fenugreek. now vitamin C that’s easy you can get more of that in your diet fenugreek is an because I want you to eat it obviously. but also there’s this thing you can do that I like to teach people do or essentially they take seeds and they soak them in water and then you can do that overnight super easy to do that right in the morning you basically mash it up into a paste and you massage it into your scalp and over your hair then you put a shower cap on and you leave it there for a half an hour to an hour and do this four times per week for a whole month. and then of course after that time you wash off your hair raise high.

if I was like leave the shower cap on all day No so for thirty minutes to an hour and you’re doing this thing then you rinse it off but I want you to be doing that practice four days a week for an entire month yep and then try to remember this practice then another thing you can do is aloe vera juice on an empty stomach. drink half of the cup or not half a cup for the cup whew that was my form of a cup of aloe juice on an empty stomach and also you got to make sure that you have enough protein in your diet.

protein really does affect hair growth now if you’re vegan like me that’s very easy you just look up what foods are vegan that have like a higher amount of protein then you make sure to get a lot of those in your diet every day especially with every meal too so those are my suggestions after taking a look at you relative to the hair loss and hair thinning issue .

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