Hair Loss Issues


hair loss. it’s often confusing, which is what is causing it. What we know is that particular medicines do have a role in reducing the rate of hair growth or putting the little seeds and slowing them down. And then, in particular, antidepressants like Zoloft, Prozac, and Paxil, blood pressure medicines like beta blockers and ACE inhibitors, anticoagulants like Warfarin and anti-gout medicine like allopurinol are also very well known to cause a dramatic hair slowing and loss.

So the hard part is to try to figure out which one is going to do it or not. And so often, in the hair clinic, they work together with your primary care doctor and try to figure out and swap them out to figure out which one will work. Male and female pattern baldness. So this is a big question that people have. What’s the difference between normal aging, where the season of the hair miniaturizes and the hair gets smaller versus patterned alopecia? Because in a sense they’re quite similar except that patterned alopecia is patterned, whereas aging is a general process all over your scalp.

Male Vs Female :

;So why do men, when they bald in male pattern baldness, look like this? So this is the sort of stages of male pattern baldness and women do it a different way? Is it a different process or is it just a different pattern? We have a vote but I’ll just tell you that it’s pretty much the same pattern. And it gets back to this analogy here that every part of the real estate of your scalp actually there’s a GPS that’s encoded in the DNA. So every part of the scalp has a different set of stem cells and is encoded differently. And so in a man who has susceptibility to male pattern baldness, this part of the scalp, the warranty of these seeds is different than the warranty of these seeds. And that’s genetically encoded because there is really like a GPS that says, OK, you go two centimetres back and to the left and those are encoded. And over here, these are different than this. And so that’s just developmentally how it works. But both of them are sensitive to male hormone.

More female hormone makes it last longer. And the difference between male and female pattern baldness and aging is that this comes on earlier. The onset for androgenetic alopecia is earlier and usually AG is after 60. The distribution is patterned versus more diffuse. They’re both follicular downsizing, the shorter hairs. They’re smaller and more brittle. This one is sensitive, much more sensitive, to male hormone and actually other things which we’ll talk about. Where this is actually not hormonally mediated, just the seeds are giving out. Their warranty is done.

the male pattern baldness is polygenic, it doesn’t necessarily come from your mother or father, there’s a whole set of these genome-wide association studies with male pattern balding. And it’s clear it’s 20, 30, 40 genes working together. So it’s really a complicated mix. It’s possible you could get it passed along. And there are some families where it’s very strong. You could tell, because every single person in their family is the same way. But that’s just genetics. And the aging process is really unclear. And this is really what we’re trying to figure out. We’re using male pattern baldness as a proxy for aging.

Hair Medicine

So it really giving us a lot of insight into aging. So factors known, as I mentioned before, to accelerate androgenetic hair loss. Male hormone, dihydrotestosterone, reduced female hormone, reduced blood flow to the hair follicle, stress and inflammation. So it’s really clear that stress and inflammation make the aging process more rapid. And this is a whole lecture in itself. But the mechanism for how inflammation and stress, which reduces inflammation, ages the stem cells is very clear. Yes? Minoxidil is usually used to actually encourage hair growth. so these are some of the drugs we could use to actually counteract some of these processes. For example, propecia is called finasteride. And then there’s another propecia and Other treatments.

a red light laser that you just comb through your hair. And it does increase the hair a little bit, about as much as minoxidil. But I think what it does it just increases blood flow to the scalp. But then there’s this thing called hair helmets which I don’t know if you’ve seen those are not, but they cost a few thousand dollars or a few hundred dollars at least and you put them on your head at night. And it shines a red light on your scalp. I think the same is it’s increasing the blood flow. It’s not really clear how it works. But these are some of the ideas for male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness as well.

Some Of these treatments cause facial hair growth for women. So a lot of these things if you’re trying to reduce or sometimes when you block the male hormone in different places you get more facial hair, for example. And in women that’s the case. So it can if used in a wrong way, in a wrong concentration, bring out some facial hair in women, which is an issue. So you have to be really careful how you use it.

Hair transplant :

And finally hair transplantation is also really the definitive, it’s the original hair stem cell transplant procedure. Because what you do is you’re basically taking seeds that have a long warranty, taking them out, and then transferring the same seed with its long warranty into a position where the seeds used to have a short warranty. But the seeds bring their long warranty with them. The procedure doesn’t create any new stem cells it just redistributes the ones you have that have longer warranties to spread out over a greater area. But it works. because the seeds that were over here that had a longer warranty are put into a place where the short warranty is and they just keep growing.

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